Happy Birthday – Spotlighting the Indie Author

Issue 184 * Blog 14-2021 * Read Time: 2 Mins * Corporate News – From the Raven

This post is a little late, 4 days to be exact, and to be honest I had forgot the importance of February 26th, 2020.

That Wednesday at 8:00 pm CST Spotlighting the Indie Author aired their first podcast titled Book Review – Hotel 66 – by Michael King.

To round out the first year episode 24 Book Review – Breathtaking by Courtney Turcotte Bond aired on February 17, 2021. There is a great contrast between those 2 shows.

My opinion on the first show…it sucked. I can say that because I own the company and host the show.

Let me elaborate a little to clarify what I’m talking about. The show content was excellent and and needed to be discussed. Why? The book reviewed was pure adulterated plagiarism. We feel as we got our point across as the book is no longer available for purchase.

So what was wrong with the show?

The sound quality! The episode was recorded on the built in computer mic. The quality of the recording was so bad, that we all were afraid that the static, most podcast fail before or shortly after episode 7.

We were determined not to fall in the above static so we made changes and upgrades throughout the first year.

Well we made it past the “seventh episode of death” and have 24 episodes in the books. Heck we even done a Christmas Skit, Mission: Christmas Traditions – Spotlighting the Indie Author Christmas Celebration featuring the cast of spotlighting the Indie Author and Avery Sterling author of the Cardinalis Code. We are not slowing down in 2021 either, Our schedule for this year is already booked through July.

Below is our accomplishments for our first year of existence.

  • Crossed the 1,000 download mark. (At the time of this post we are sitting at 1,970 downloads)
  • Broke the 100 Downloads in a month – July 2020 (116), August 2020 (153) and December 2020 (151).
  • Broke the 200 Downloads in a month – October 2020 (205), November 2020 (249), and January 2021 (215)
  • Broke the 300 Downloads in a month September 2020 (332) and February (316)
  • Total Downloads from February 2020 to February 2021 = 1,964
  • Average Download per episode, 82.08.

Over the last year we have interviewed some wonderful Indie Authors and reviewed some great books. To see a list of past shows and the shows that are upcoming visit our Show Schedule.

To all our supporters, listeners and authors we invite you to have a piece of cake and if you are over the age of 21, an adult beverage with us as we celebrate Spotlighting the Indie Authors 1 year birthday. We could not be celebrating if it were not for all of you!

More Spotlighting the Indie Author Post

We are not slowing down in 2021 either, our schedule for this year is already booked through July.

Now lets party as we celebrate the past and look towards the future while listening to the Show Teaser!

Joseph Clay 



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