Spotlighting The Indie Author – Full Speed Ahead

Issue 147 * Blog 26-2020 * Read Time: 3 Mins * Podcast – Spotlighting the Indie Author

Note from the Raven: Joseph E Clay Dot Com was not pleased with the functionality of the blog that came with the Official Website hosted by Go Daddy. To remedy that we decided to have the Official Joseph E Clay Dot Com Blog hosted by WordPress. The below was originally published to Spotlighting the Indie Author Official Blog on September 19, 2020. Since the Podcast blog is better suited for for the technical data of the show, Credits and so forth this blog was transferred to this site on 2-2-2021, keeping it’s assigned issue and blog number.

Hi, Joseph E Clay here. Yes the same Joseph, Joe and Jo-Jo that host the podcast. Why use my full name here? Since I’m the Founder and CEO of Joseph E Clay Dot Com, and since this is the companies Official Blog I use the full name. Doing so reminds me to stay professional and not say anything cute or stupid and to stay on course with the message at hand.

This is blog is a continuation and somewhat of an update to Spotlighting the Indie Author – Turning the Corner that I penned in June, 2020.

As mentioned in The Humble Beginnings and again in Spotlighting the Indie Author – Turning the Corner the statics state that most podcast die before the seventh episode or shortly after. We all at Spotlighting the Indie Author took that statistic to heart and was determined to make sure we didn’t become just another failure to be included in those numbers.

Our first podcast Book Review – Hotel 66 – by Michael King was in February – total downloads 17. Not bad for a show that was recorded using the built in mic on an Inspiron 24-2455 computer. Our last show aired on September 15. We have recorded 12 shows plus a Teaser, 6 above the expected life expectancy of a new podcast. Spotlighting the Indie Author has a total of 663 downloads to date, (9-18-2020). That averages out to 51 downloads per show.

I know what you thinking. There are some podcasts that get 51 downloads in a minute and 663 downloads per show. You are correct, but those shows have been around a while with well-known host and have shows that cover current events and/or politics.

We are growing and are proud and excited about our numbers. Downloads have been on the rise each and every month. Spotlighting the Indie Author broke 100 downloads in a single month in July with 116. We beat that number in August with 153 downloads. With 12 days left in September Spotlighting the Indie Author is sitting at 147.

With that said, we the team, Nina Turnipseed, Kelli Winkler and Christy Warren along with Kay Douglass, Joan Clay and myself, Joseph Clay promise…

Spotlighting the Indie Author is not going anywhere and is full speed ahead.

What do we owe our success to? The listeners of course, without them we have no show. To keep those listeners we must continually strive to improve the show and the quality of the sound.

How will we do this…Well as they say in show business stay tuned.

As mentioned before we are planing on a series of blogs about podcasting. A lot of what we plan on doing will be found in those post. Check out the categories and look for the Podcasting 101 section.

Podcasting 101 – Post

More Spotlighting the Indie Author Post

Till next time, thank you all for listening and please continue to do so and tell all your friends about us.

Thank you for reading and hey give the podcast a listen.

Joseph E Clay 

Founder/CEO of

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