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Issue 137 * Blog 16-2020 * Read Time: 5 Mins * Podcast – Spotlighting the Indie Author

Note from the Raven: Joseph E Clay Dot Com was not pleased with the functionality of the blog that came with the Official Website hosted by Go Daddy. To remedy that we decided to have the Official Joseph E Clay Dot Com Blog hosted by WordPress. The below was originally published to Spotlighting the Indie Author Official Blog on June 6, 2020. Since the Podcast blog is better suited for for the technical data of the show, Credits and so forth this blog was moved to the Go Daddy site 10-8-2020. The blog The Humble Beginnings was transferred to this site on 1-24-2021, keeping it’s assigned issue and blog number.

Our last blog Welcome to Spotlighting the Indie Author – Podcast we introduce the show and and covered some of the details. This blog will recap some of that information in the post as well as the post Really? A Podcast? . This post will of course cover new material and will be more in depth than the previous two.

As discussed in Really? A Podcast? we know that the podcast was the brain child of Nina Turnipseed, Kay Douglass and Joseph Clay. Below is more information on these three individuals who share the same goals and desires. What is that Goal and Desire?

To help the Indie Author get noticed by giving them a platform to be heard as well as promoting their works

  • Nina Turnipseed, Manager of ThunderHorse Publishing.  ThunderHorse Publishing is a one shop stop for the Indie Author. They showcase the independent with book reviews of the independents works along with interviews. ThunderHorse Publishing is an  internet based company with resources and services that include: writing advice, tips and  encouragement. They also offer book cover design, formatting and other services. Their motto when you succeed we succeed! For more on ThunderHorse Publishing visit her webpage. 
  • Kay Douglass, Managing Editor of The Corral online magazine.  The magazine offers many features to showcase the talents of the Indie Author as well as other Indie disciplines. These displaces include but not limited to Indie Photographs, Musicians and  Artist. To see what all The Corral offers visit her webpage.
  • Joseph Clay, Founder and CEO of Joseph E Clay Dot Com.  Joseph E. Clay Sr. is an American born retired Mechanical Engineer. He  now enjoys his second career as an author/blogger and entrepreneur. For  more on Joseph E Clay Dot Com visit his webpage. 

The three were hoping that the podcast would be a solution to a problem.

The Corral magazine was struggling getting submissions from indie authors to fill the pages of the magazine. The magazine accepts poems, flash fiction and short stories written in any genre. The magazine was also not receiving any contest submissions. The three got together and determined they needed another outlet to  spotlight the indie author in case the magazine failed. They also decided that the podcast and magazine could work hand and hand giving the indie author two platforms to be heard.

The three agreed that Kay needed to focus solely on The Corral. They would get Kay involved once the magazine got better traction.

Nina and Joseph began the research of how to start a podcast. With the notes complete they started tackling the task that was laid out before them. Read Podcasting 101: Getting Started to review the steps.

After the steps were somewhat complete it was time to come up with a catch phrase, something that would grab potential listeners. They put their heads together and came up with several, but like the title one stood out. They settled on, Spotlighting the Indie Author – Book Reviews and Interviews with a dab of writing wisdom tossed in

Next, who was going to host the show. Did they hire a professional voice over talent? Since this was a new adventure they didn’t want to pour a lot of money in it. After all it may not work. Nina and Joseph decided they would host the show in the beginning. 

They were almost ready, the were only a couple more items they needed to knock out before recording. The remaining questions were. How many shows to do a month? Along with, what material would they cover in the first show and the shows proceeding Episode 1.

They agreed to only record one show a month to start. The material they would use, previously published book reviews that were on ThunderHorse Publishing.

The two also agreed they would continue using existing material while they get the hang of podcasting. They considered this phase “On The Job Training”. The plan was for the two to do a show together, each host to do a solo show and Nina get some interview experience. Once “On The Job Training” was complete Nina and Joseph would take on newer material and author interviews. 

With their notes in hand they sat down in front of the computer and recorded Episode 1 Book Review -Hotel 66 – by Michael King

After uploading and listening to the podcast they both were shaking their heads, the podcast sucked as for as sound was concerned. The two glared at one another as both recalled a statement on the internet that read “most podcast don’t make it past the seventh episode”.

Not all was doom and gloom, there was a faint glimmer of light. Yes the sound quality of the show was terrible and that’s being nice. However even with the poor sound quality of Episode 1, Spotlighting the Indie Author was being accepted by major podcast platforms.

Those platforms included: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Stitcher. Links to those platforms can be found on the podcast website or search your favorite podcast platform for Spotlighting the  Indie Author and subscribe.

Where do Nina and Joseph go from here? 

I’ll give you a hint, Nina and Joseph take the seventh episode statement to heart and as a challenge. Both are determined to make Spotlighting the Indie Author the best show it can be. 

You can track of our journey here, Category Podcast – Spotlighting the Indie Author. You will also fgind the post listed and linked below.

Podcasting 101: Getting Started is the first in a series of post about how to start a podcast, the equipment and more. We will use examples from our journey in starting Spotlighting the Indie Author podcast. get a podcast up and running.

Podcasting 101 – Post

More Spotlighting the Indie Author Post

Thanks for reading and give the podcast a listen!

Joseph Clay 


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