Podcasting 101: A Teaser? Who Knew, Not Me!

Issue 138 * Blog 17-2020 * Read Time: 3 Mins * Podcasting 101

Note from the Raven: Joseph E Clay Dot Com was not pleased with the functionality of the blog that came with the Official Website hosted by Go Daddy. To remedy that we decided to have the Official Joseph E Clay Dot Com Blog hosted by WordPress. The below was originally published to Spotlighting the Indie Author Official Blog on June 12, 2020. Since the Podcast blog is better suited for for the technical data of the show, Credits and so forth this blog was moved to the Go Daddy site 10-9-2020. The blog Podcasting 101: A Teaser? Who Knew, Not Me! was transferred to this site on 1-24-2021, keeping it’s assigned issue and blog number.

I was doing some research one night on podcasts and how to gain listeners. More than one of the sites informed me that Spotlighting the Indie Author our podcast needed a “Show Teaser”. We were using teasers at the beginning of every podcast, but they were considered episode teasers.


  •  An Episode Teaser is what a particular show in your Podcast is about.
  •  A Show Teaser is what your Podcast is about.

Shit we were already two shows in when I found this out. Goes to show you that when you think you know everything something pops up letting you know that you don’t.  

One site I visited suggested that the “Show Teaser”, needed to be under a minute like an elevator pitch. While another suggested that the  “Show Teaser” should be at least 2 minutes. That site gave a breakdown of what should be included in those 2 minutes. Yet another…

I knew that if I keep searching I would find different length times on a variety of sites. 

I figure I would take what these 3 sites agreed on and go from there. Since it is a known fact that I don’t follow rules I decided to shot for a 2 minute “Show Teaser” but make sure it didn’t go over 3. Hell if someone can’t pay attention to listen for 3 minutes they ain’t going  to listen to a 10 to 30 minute podcast anyway. 

Spotlighting the Indie Author’s “Show Teaser” came in at 3:01 and aired on April 11th. Roughly 6 weeks after the first show. The teaser fell between Episode 2 and Episode 3.

Since it is not an episode we didn’t issue a number. Instead we simply entered “Teaser” in that required section. “Teaser” was also used for the slug. We titled the episode “Show Teaser” and selected display title only.

Update Added 1-24-2021 Later down the road I figured out this was a mistake. By not letting the system issue an episode number throws off you count. Which is not a big deal, unless you are like me and want the total number of episodes to match your last podcast episode number.

Then came the important step. The Apple section of our hosting site Fireside has three designations for the episode that will be uploaded to choose from. They are, Full, Trailer and Bonus. For “Show Teasers” choose Trailer. This will place and keep your “Show Teaser” at the top of your podcast list. 

Update Added 1-24-2021 The above step is important! Choose the wrong selction and your Show Teaser will be mixed in with the other episodes. You want your teaser at the top of list and to stay it there. The articles were right, every podcast needs a teaser. Why, it boost over all downloads and increases episode downloads, if the teaser is good and sells your show. Spotlighting the Indie Author’s teaser has been downloaded 476 times as of 1-24-2021. Thats more than once a day as the teaser wasn’t published to the podcast till, 4-11-2020.

Below are the links to the 3 websites I used to gather the information on a Podcast Trailer or Show Teaser. 

Give a listen to our “Show Teaser” and tell us what you think. 

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Thanks for reading and best of luck with your podcast!

Joseph Clay 


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