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Issue 135 * Blog 14-2020 * Read Time: 3 Mins * Corporate News – From the Raven

Note from the Raven: Joseph E Clay Dot Com was not pleased with the functionality of the blog that came with the Official Website hosted by Go Daddy. To remedy that we decided to have the Official Joseph E Clay Dot Com Blog hosted by WordPress. The below blog was posted to the official website on May 8, 2020. The blog Back to the Business at Hand was transferred to this site on 1-24-2021, keeping it’s assigned Issue and blog number.

Greetings friends, subscribers and followers. The recent pandemic put a strangle hold on the progress we wanted to make in the year 2020. 

The crew, Nina, Rick and Kay along with Christy, Joan and Joey plus myself have not been in the office together since March 15th. We all have been working from home doing only the minimum to keep the company active. When May 1 rolled around I decided it was time to get back to work. 

We’ll still be working from home for the most part and collaborating via teleconferencing but will ramp up the production from doing the minimum to around 30%.

The different divisions have begun taking a second look at all the emails that were received during the minimum work stage. Those emails were answered with a standard reply stating what was happening at the company. 

The emails revealed several things. Kay Douglass Managing Editor of The Corral Magazine has some great writing submissions and artist who want to participate in the magazines features. Nina Turnipseed, Manager of ThunderHorse Publishing was contacted by several professionals and inquired how they could be listed under ThunderHorse Publishing’s “Recommended Freelancers Tab”. She had several request for book reviews also.

During the shutdown Spotlighting the Indie Author Podcast aired the episodes that were in queue. The good news, the podcast is taking off and each show is getting better. The podcast has transitioned from a once a month airing to twice a month. 

With nothing in the vault Nina and I will get back to recording episodes as early as next week. We have some great interviews with Indie authors and several book reviews lined up. You can check the show schedule on the podcast website.

I broke down and created a Facebook Page for Joseph E Clay Dot Com. There were several reasons why I went back on word and did so. One was to clean up my personal Facebook page. This allows me to list Joseph E Clay Dot Com as my work and link it as my personal website. From there the visitors can see all the divisions with links to each. Joseph E Clay Dot Com also has a Twitter account. 

Another reason for the Facebook page was to clean up social media and delete some of the pages and accounts. I converted my Instagram and Tumblr accounts to business accounts using the name Joseph E Clay Dot Com. Those two social media sites will see post for all the divisions. 

I look at social media as a demon that you have to deal with. I hate all of it, but it’s an evil that all businesses use. Making post and keeping up with the pages takes time that could be spent doing something else. To me the benefit doesn’t offset the time wasted, 

I looked at each account on all the platforms and any page that had been up for more than a year and didn’t have a least 100 followers or likes…I decided to delete as they were dead weight.

By the end of May the below sites will disappear. Any post pertaining to those deleted pages will be found on Joseph E Clay Dot Com’s Facebook or Twitter accounts as well as those mentioned above. Some of these accounts to be removed came as a shock and the decision to delete them upset Kay and Nina both as it affects their divisions.

Here is how the Social Media accounts will shake out in the end.

  •   JT’s place Facebook page and Twitter account will be deleted
  •  ThunderHorse Publishing Facebook page deleted. (Facebook only. The Twitter account will remain active as it meets the 100 followers criteria.)
  •  The Corral Twitter account deleted. (Twitter only. The Facebook account will remain active as it meets the 100 likes criteria.)

I have told Kay and Nina both if they want to keep their pages I will transfer the ownership of those accounts to them. At this time they are taking that into consideration.

That will do it for this blog. We all here at Joseph E Clay Dot Com pray for those effected by the virus and those who lost loved ones to it. 

Till next time stay safe,

Joseph Clay


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