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Issue 130 * Blog 09-2020 * Read Time: 3 Mins * Podcast – Spotlighting the Indie Author

Note from the Raven: Joseph E Clay Dot Com was not pleased with the functionality of the blog that came with the Official Website hosted by Go Daddy. To remedy that we decided to have the Official Joseph E Clay Dot Com Blog hosted by WordPress. The below was originally published to Spotlighting the Indie Author Official Blog on February 29, 2020. Since the Podcast blog is better suited for for the technical data of the show, Credits and so forth this blog was moved to the Go Daddy site 10-7-2020. The blog Welcome to Spotlighting the Indie Author Podcast was transferred to this site on 1-22-2021, keeping it’s assigned issue and blog number.

Our last blog Really? A Podcast? talked about our newest adventure, a podcast. This blog will recap some of that information along with sharing new details.

Well today I would like to introduce you to – Spotlighting the Indie Author. A podcast designed by an Independent Authors to help showcase Indie Authors. The show features book reviews and interviews of independent authors and their works, with a dab of wisdom tossed in.

To start with Spotlighting the Indie Author will be a once a month podcast. From there we will expand to bi-monthly and maybe later on weekly.

At this time it is expected, but that could change, that the following will host the show:

Spotlighting the Indie Author Podcast is hosted by Fireside. They are not only a hosting site but will furnish a full blown website for the podcast.

The Podcast Website contains the following to help the listeners keep track of all the shows, help support Spotlighting the Indie Author, and learn about the show and hosts, by using the tabs in the menu bar. Below is a glimpse of what you will find.

  • About Purpose
  • Host: Each host has their own bio sheet that contains bio, contact info along with a fan mail address.
  • Guest: This section contains information on the show guest who participate in Author Chats. That info includes links to their websites, social media accounts, books, along with a short Bio and more.
  • Contact Spotlighting the Indie Author Form.
  • Make A Donation.
  • Show Schedule: The show schedule contains links to the latest episode. You will also find what is coming up next along with all the scheduled podcast. You will also find links to the previous all the previous shows.
  • Blog: The blog will be used to keep the podcast listener updated on how the show was recorded and mixed, information on podcast equipment and Programs plus any changes made to the staff. The blogs will include any information obtained about the guests, authors and/or books that appeared and/or mentioned in the podcast episode after the podcast aired. The blogs that are not titled with an episode number are blogs about our journey in to the world of podcasting. We record our mistakes, equipment used, and our achievements.

Spotlighting the Indie Author can be found on all major podcast outlets including, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Google Podcast and Spotify. Visit the websites to see all links to the major platforms.

You can also listen to the latest episode at Joseph E Clay Dot Com. The player can be found on the home page at the Spotlighting the Indie Author data. It can also be found on the Multimedia page of the website.

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Thanks for reading and give the podcast a listen!

Joseph Clay 


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