Really? A Podcast?

Issue 132 * Blog 11-2020 * Read Time: 2 Mins * Corporate News – From the Raven

Note from the Raven: Joseph E Clay Dot Com was not pleased with the functionality of the blog that came with the Official Website hosted by Go Daddy. To remedy that we decided to have the Official Joseph E Clay Dot Com Blog hosted by WordPress. The below blog was posted to the website on March 1, 2020. The blog Really? A Podcast? was transferred to this site on 1-21-2021, keeping it’s assigned Issue and blog number.

Joseph E Clay Dot Com is excited to announce that in January of 2020 we began developing a podcast titled: Spotlighting the Indie Author. The podcast is the brain child of Nina Turnipseed, Kay Douglass and myself Joseph Clay.

We believe this project, like The Corral will help ThunderHorse Publishing showcase the talents of the Indie Author. 

What will the show be about?

We are not sure at this time, but we do know that the podcast will showcase the writings of independent authors and give the Indie Author a voice, maybe through interviews. We would also like share writing and publishing tips. 

We plan to start with airing one prerecorded podcast a month and go from there. At this stage nothing is for sure be we are forecasting that each show will be between 10 and 30 minutes. We are hoping to air the first show in late February or Early March.

For those of you thinking about starting a podcast like us we’ll also document our podcast journey through a series of blogs titled, Podcasting 101. We will have the links to those post below. The post in that series will cover our mistakes in hopes of preventing others from the same oit falls. Will cover equipment, recording techniques, and more.  

Podcasting 101 Blogs

Till next time keep your dreams alive,

Joseph Clay


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