7 Years of Growing Pains

Issue 127 * Blog 06-2020 * Read Time: 2 Mins * Corporate News – From the Raven

Note from the Raven: Joseph E Clay Dot Com was not pleased with the functionality of the blog that came with the Official Website hosted by Go Daddy. To remedy that we decided to have the Official Joseph E Clay Dot Com Blog hosted by WordPress. The below blog was posted to the website on February 1, 2020. The blog 7 Years of Growing Pains was transferred to this site on 1-20-2021, keeping it’s assigned Issue and blog number.

What started out as a hobby to relive stress turned in to a new career. My passion for writing and the world of Independent Publishing took over and things began grow. What once was a simple method to help me achieve my goal…is now a complex network of companies to help other independents achieve theirs. 

The more we grew the more we felt the growing pains. 

There were bad business decisions that crippled the publishing company (ThunderHorse Publishing). I’m pleased to say we have made changes and turned things around. Today that company is back on its feet and once again is beginning to blossom.

The latest startup, an online magazine (The Corral) is not even a year old and is suffering with the pains of growing up. The transition from crawling to standing on its own two feet is a rough one. 

The good news, we learned from the mistakes  we made from with the publishing company. We know how to get back up when we trip and fall.

Joseph E Clay Dot Com this year will be adding another eCommerce store (Jt’s Place) to the family. The store will be stocked with collectibles, games, jewelry and more. The proceeds from those sales will help offset the operating cost of the online magazine.

With the addition of companies and the growth of the older ones it was suggested to me by the accountant it would be wiser to put all the companies under one. This would also make it easier next year at tax time and could save me some cash. I’m all about saving money while keeping the IRS happy at the same time.

There were two others who were in my ear, Kay Douglass (The Corral) and Nina Turnipseed (ThunderHorse Publishing). They were insistent that I at least create a website for the parent company (Joseph E Clay Dot Com). Why? They figured since their companies were fairly new startups being linked to an established company would give then some credibility. Doing so would also give them another avenue of marketing. 

I began cruising all the companies’ webpages and blogs. While doing so I was thinking about the suggestions that had been placed before me. I knew that after seven years the inevitable was about to happen.

Joseph E Clay Dot Com could no longer be in the background. 

Making the change would clear up accounting issues as payments made and received would go to one company. The duplication of the staff’s bios could be eliminated. They would all be on the parent companies page.

The major plus about having a website. Doing so would give independents a one stop shop for all their needs to help them in their quest of getting noticed.

Which brings us full circle as helping the independent accomplish their dream as I did is what it is all about.

Till we met again never stop chasing your dream.

Joseph Clay


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