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Hi, I’m Joseph E Clay, but please cal me Joe. I’m the founder/CEO of Joseph E Clay Dot Com. Welcome to the Official Blog.

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These 3 companies were created by an Independent Author to help showcase the talents of Indie Authors.

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Podcasting 101: Equipment – Headphones

Issue 187 * Blog 17-2021 * Read Time: 5 Mins * Podcasting 101
We compiled all the data from our research then narrowed our choices down to the Tascam TH-02 Studio Headphones, $19.99 each and the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Headphones, $99.00 a pair.
Once they arrived we would compare the two to each other and to the one reaming pair of Neewer 100 Headphones.

Podcasting 101: Equipment – Microphones – Part 1

Issue 186 * Blog 16-2021 * Read Time: 4 Mins * Podcasting 101
We began researching microphones and it didn’t take long to get completely overwhelmed. There are two basic microphone choices, Condenser and Dynamic. They are also two types of connections, USB and XLR.
Nina came up with a game plan. Since we needed a separate mic for each of us and since we we were just starting out and didn’t know if the podcast would fly we should let the cost determine what we purchased

Happy Birthday – Spotlighting the Indie Author

Issue 184 * Blog 14-2021 * Read Time: 2 Mins * Corporate News – From the Raven.
This post is a little late, 4 days to be exact, and to be honest I had forgot the importance of February 26th, 2020.
That Wednesday at 8:00 pm CST Spotlighting the Indie Author aired their first podcast titled Book Review – Hotel 66 – by Michael King.
celebrate Spotlighting the Indie Authors 1 year birthday

Podcasting 101: Getting Started

Issue 148 * Blog 27-2020 * Read Time: 8 Mins * Podcasting 101
This posts intent is getting the novice person started on their podcast journey by furnishing them with references along with the aforementioned lessons learned that all may want to avoid.
Pay close attention to the sections marked “Podcast Tip:” by doing so, will help you not make the same mistakes we did.


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